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Throbax TD is the game, we are developing at the moment.
You control a classic real-time-strategy type hero who can build towers and cast spells. The towers fire more or less automatically at your enemies, as long as they have enough energy. You master wave after wave of different enemies in each level in order to unlock the next one.
By destroying enemies you gain money and points, enabling you to build more towers and upgrade them.

  • Completely written in C#, utilizing XNA

    We started from scratch and wrote our own gaming engine for this product. The graphics-engine, path-finding, particle-engine, lightning-generator, menu system, everything was developed by us.
  • 100% Indie

    We are a very small group and we don't live on programming games. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but right now we all have daytime jobs which makes this title 100% independent.
  • Original artwork

    All pictures, sprites, effects, the music, everything is developed and created by us. There is no third party involved.
  • Known gameplay, good story

    The idea behind this game is not to invent something breathtaking new, but to take a known gameplay and add a good story to it. We believe that there are enough gamers out there wanting to play a good, straightforward strategy game.

Project Description

In this tower-defense game for the experienced player you have to survive wave after wave of fiendish enemies in a struggle for nothing less than saving your whole planet. Do you have the skills to drive away your foes and save your home?

Battle your way through 50 levels, buy over 100 upgrades and earn all of the 50 achievements.
  • Captivating story that takes place in a universe created for this game only (sequel pending), told with over 100 pictures.
  • English / German
  • English / German voiceover in all cutscenes
  • Towers with individual effects
  • Spells
  • 25 Level circle tower defense mode
  • 25 Level standard tower defense mode
  • Over 100 upgrades for towers and your hero
  • 50 Achievements

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