Early in April 2011 my brother and I sat in our parents’ garden, talking, something we didn't do often enough in our working lives. We talked about doing a project together and since our last joint project lay back almost 20 years, we both thought that it was about time to do so again.
The first thing we had to do, after coming up with a workable idea for the game, was to choose the technology we wanted to use. The winners were C#, since it was the language I used the most at the time, and XNA, which I was completely inexperienced in.
All of that lies in the past now and we have quite something to show for ourselves, but getting there really wasn’t easy at all and cost quite some time.
And that is the main reason why we wanted to start this blog. We wanted to help inexperienced programmers to overcome the hazards of a new flavor of language and game programming in general, which, in my opinion, is nothing like ordinary programming at all.

So if you're on the search for someone who can explain a thing or two about that stuff, then you're welcome here (but be warned: We don't know everything).
We generally don't offer code to download because we think that's a shortcut you shouldn't take (although we make the occasional exception). In some articles we'll link other websites that offer some code but you should try to understand the implications of the code that'll enable you to do the work yourself and frankly, sooner or later in the game development process, you won't be spared to do so.
We'll try to write the articles presented here in a way which should be both easy to understand and complete.

Feel free to comment anywhere on this blog if you have suggestions for topics to cover, found some mistakes or just have advice for improvement.

Who are we?

is a pretty gifted provider of creative content, who has already done one or two minor games in Flash and doesn't fear a challenge.

is a good friend of ours and he is responsible for the time-consuming task of writing almost all of the music we used in the game.

is a tolerable senior programmer who has always been fascinated by game development.

The three of us all have daytime jobs that consume most of our time and families, we like to spend the rest of it with.
So, in short, we are as indie as it gets.


All the code and art of this blog, if not stated otherwise, is published by ourselves, hereby using the MIT license.